Laundry Time
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137 Ocean Ave (Route 88)
Lakewood, NJ 08701
Laundry Time Will Lighten
Your Laundry Load
Laundry Time was built ground-up with the highest consumer experience in mind. Laundry Time brings its customers into a world of 48 modern front-loading stainless steel washing machines in a variety of sizes; 60 dryers, including six super large 80-pound pockets, and better conveniences than doing laundry at home or in the basement. Those conveniences include six 60-inch LED televisions, free Wi-Fi, a detergent and fabric softener vending machine with a variety of sizes, a snack and soda machine, ample folding tables and laundry carts, comfortable seating, heating and air-conditioning, and two large restrooms that are ADA accessible. [ more}
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